Acviss is an innovative multi-level brand protection technology

In today’s world, counterfeit goods are a serious problem that damages brands’ revenues and tarnishes their reputation. Despite various methods of combating counterfeiting, it has not yet been possible to completely stop this wave. Against this backdrop, Acviss offers a comprehensive brand protection solution, using advanced technologies to combat counterfeiting.

What is Acviss?

This is a multi-layered patented technology designed to protect brands and prevent counterfeiting. The company offers solutions that seamlessly integrate throughout the supply chain, ensuring brand integrity from production to consumption. The main activities of Acviss are as follows:

  • authentication;
  • certification;
  • product tracking and tracing.

Acviss products and solutions

The system applies unique, non-clonable security codes. These codes provide error-free authentication of products, protecting them from counterfeiting. Codes are unique to each product and cannot be copied. Non-clonable labels are also used. These special labels are impossible to counterfeit and allow consumers and distributors to easily verify the authenticity of products.

The Acviss platform provides real-time analytics via mobile devices, allowing you to track and control products quickly and efficiently. The Acviss tracking system uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and reliability of data on the origin and movement of products. Acviss’ Origin solution allows you to track products throughout the supply chain using blockchain technologies, providing 100% transparency of operations and access to information from anywhere.

You can also combat counterfeits online using Truviss. This solution provides brand protection in the digital space, preventing intellectual property rights violations and eliminating threats to brands on the Internet.

Acviss provides true product visibility throughout the supply chain. This allows you to quickly identify and eliminate any attempts at counterfeiting. Thanks to the use of blockchain technologies, the system provides complete transparency of all product-related transactions, which makes the tracking and authentication process reliable and verified.