Away from noise and fuss

In the unbridled cycle of modern megacities, a city resident, behind everyday vanity, is practically deprived of access to pristine nature and clean air. The solution of the apartment issue is increasingly taking place in favor of economic expediency. Land plots, favorably in the distance from urban noise and fuss, surrounded by the landscape of green spaces and reservoirs, which are highly environmentally friendly and at the same time relatively low price, many citizens remain the cherished dream of many citizens.

To purchase a plot in the Moscow region, located at a convenient distance from the noisy capital and surrounded by attractive natural landscapes, at an affordable price became possible. Land plots and houses with a ready -made construction contract in the territory of New Riga – the optimal solution to the housing issue.

The conditions for the purchase of sites and the construction of cottages are very favorable.

The customer pays the land plot in installments, while you put off the deadline for the start of construction work up to 1 year. It is also possible to make 10 % of the contractual cost of the cottage and payment of the land with summed communications. The rest of the amount is then entered, which gives the customer a guarantee for high quality and timely construction time.

Cottages in the New Riga area meet modern housing development standards, have an optimal ratio of price and high quality, are made as soon as possible for individual projects, taking into account the characteristics and wishes of customers.

The village in the New Riga area is an excellent solution to the housing issue with absolute benefits for the customer and optimal construction conditions, the opportunity to pretend to live the most cherished desires.