Dancerpiece is a new and pleasant way to treat

Surely many of you do not even suspect that the most ordinary dances not only allow us to relax, have fun and relax, but also treat from some diseases. But this, if you figure it out, still should not surprise us very much, because with the help of the dance, each of us can express our emotions, feelings and discard the negativity. If you ask psychologists about what a dance is, then they will define it as a special language of movements and gestures with which a person can spont his feelings spontaneously. Moreover, interestingly, in order for this to happen, a person does not even need music, it, as in the case of dancing, is not a mandatory component.

Dancing – A new and pleasant way to treat

There are no strict dance forms in the dancer, with this unusual form of treatment, a wide variety of dances can be used, from ancient and folk and ending with the most modern.

By the way, with almost complete confidence it can be said that dancer, completely unconscious for our ancestors, was used and by them. And this can be asserted if you recall the ritual dances that were used for completely different reasons. For example, they were treated with patients, mourned the dead, celebrated victories and rejoiced at the guests. For some peoples, dancing for quite some time had for quite some time, which, according to representatives of these nations, were able to cause rain or, for example, to help in the struggle for a generous crop.

Doctors showed especially great interest in dancer, as one of the methods of non -traditional treatment of patients, after the end of World War II. This was caused by the fact that then in hospitals and hospitals there were a lot of sick and disabled people who needed not only drug treatment, but also emotional and psychological rehabilitation, which is possible in the treatment of dancing.

The next wave of interest in the dancer, if we turn to history, came in the fifties of the last century. This was the period when they were opened and only began to be introduced into the practice of tranquilizers, which then still had quite a few side effects. In this regard, the doctors returned to the treatment of dancing, which may not be so effective, but, and this is the main thing, have no side effects.

Dancing – A new and pleasant way to treat

Modern medicine did not refuse to use dancer even now, when there are many other methods of treating people with various diseases. But modern doctors pose completely different tasks before treating dancing – in the dance of a person, muscle tension is significantly reduced, which is sometimes very important to get rid of the ailment, and what is difficult to achieve in treatment with medicines.

In modern wellness centers, which understand the importance of dancer and widely use it, patients are increasingly offering a group dance of. When classes in groups, sick people receive, in addition to a positive charge, also the possibility of self -expression in a team without words, only with the help of the body. And this is especially important for people of non -communal and closed, afraid to declare themselves verbally.

Of course, it is interesting to know what diseases are an indication for dancing. And there are quite a lot of them. These are people with a variety of mental disorders, and patients with neurosis and neurosis -like conditions. Also, dancing treatment is very useful for depression and can be shown to get rid of stress. With dancing, you can also treat cellulite and remove excess weight.

Dancing – A new and pleasant way to treat

Interestingly, treatment for dancing in our time is prescribed not only for young and active people, but also for elderly patients. In addition to medical movements, dancing in such years helps to improve the general condition of elderly patients, help them expand their circle of communication, find new friends and at least temporarily feel young and healthy. And such a psychological mood is especially important in the treatment of elderly patients, when some people begin to feel unnecessary and forgotten, and life is completed. And it is the dancer that works in this case real miracles, and significantly prolongs the life of such patients.