Eternal housing issue of Ukrainian youth

It is likely that for Ukrainian youth the housing issue in the near and long term can become almost eternal. Who can afford to acquire housing among youth?

There are no chances for acquiring their own housing in Ukraine for almost all young specialists, even those who belong to the highest paid. The prevailing majority of experts agree that the main reason for this state of affairs is primarily in an unfavorable business climate that was formed in the whole country. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the overestimated cost of local housing and high interest rates on mortgage loans, which not everyone can allow themselves.

Of course, the development of project documentation is the concern of the developer in this case. But its development is also laid down in the cost of real estate in the end.

The State Foundation for Housing Construction for Youth provides several programs at once, with the help of which it is actually proposed to solve the housing issue. So, the most popular for this period of time are: preferential credit period up to 30 years (at 3 percent of the annual), as well as the state program “Available Housing”. Within the framework of the latter, the state is compensated by 30 percent of the cost of the residential real estate object. At the same time, officials agree that rather long lines have already been lined up for participation in these programs. Only one of the state programs of youth construction has a turn of 15 thousand people. Naturally, the state simply does not have enough financial resources to provide support to everyone. Allocated budget funds are several times less compared to those that are required in reality. And you should not wait out of the situation in the near future.