Features of the Parquet from Bamboo

Modern manufacturers of natural coverage for the floor – parquet, are constantly experimenting with its structure, patterns, texture, various types of materials, using exotic wood for this, combining it and even making parquet from an unacceptable building material – bamboo. Bamboo parquet differs from the traditional type of parquet from natural, high -quality wood. In general, it is better to trust professionals who have special training in Moscow.

Bamboo goes to the manufacture of high -quality furniture, like finishing building materials for decorating the interior, interior elements and even clothing details – shoes, hats, etc.D. What is the uniqueness of bamboo, except for its exotic origin? As everyone knows, bamboo is a grass that under conditions of wet forests grows very quickly. Bamboo production technology makes it possible to remove only part of the bamboo, without damaging – the root. After 4-6 years, the same bamboo is germinated at this place – the same shape and height. Therefore, no environmental damage is applied in this regard.

Through experiments and trials, over many years, a method for the production of bamboo parquet was found, which would be reliable and environmentally friendly, since often unscrupulous manufacturers for bamboo gluing use the composition of the glue harmful to the human body.

Company manufacturers of bamboo type of parquet begins with pressing. Each bamboo sheet under the influence of high temperatures and pressure is subjected to pressing processes. Using special equipment, bamboo is turned 2 to 3 times and alternately reliably fastened with an eco -friendly adhesive composition, which does not contain phenols and other harmful substances for the human body. When the bamboo sheets are glued, almost ready -made parquet elements are grinded, and grooves are obtained on special equipment for the combustion of this material.