Glazing the balcony

Due to the small weight and gravity of the parapet, the aluminum profile is perfectly combined with a metal parapet. With this method of glazing, only minimum costs will arise, since there is an opportunity not to lay out foam concrete blocks, but to use the old frame. This design is quickly mounted, it is reliable and easy, moreover, it serves as an excellent protection against dust and bad weather.

Glazing the balcony using an aluminum profile should take place in compliance with all quality standards. For each customer, an individual design can be specially developed. For example, sliding windows that will save space and place. The sash of such windows open with one movement of the hand. At the same time, they are light and silent, and the movement occurs in the direction of each other. Creates an atmosphere of dryness and comfort, and also does not allow you to penetrate the dust, water and snow rubber seal.

A guarantee of comfort and calm will be installed along with aluminum profile of mosquito nets mounted in it. They are removed, and for the winter they can be removed. Highly qualified specialists can develop an individual design for the client. Also, they must make their products to the size of the room and carry out installation reliably and accurately.

Glazing using an aluminum profile is calculated for use in the summer and is called cold. For the winter period, it is better to use PVC profile with insulation. It will cost, of course, it will be more expensive, but as a result it will be much warmer. If, in addition to protection against noise and weather conditions, other requirements are not presented to the balcony, then the aluminum profile will be the best option. But, if it is necessary to make a balcony or a loggia warm, then glazing will need a PVC profile. The choice depends only on the goals, desire and the amount that you decided to spend on it.