How to create an online technology store in Yekaterinburg

The expansion of the sphere of your store can be achieved as simply as launching a store on the Internet. The creation and functioning of retail electronic trade is quite simple, thanks to the open source code of software for online stores, which is easily integrated with most large hosting companies. Site store is the simplest example of e -commerce that sells products right on the Internet. Open source code, on the other hand, is a program code that is open for any use and changes at its discretion.


one. Find the right software for your needs. Currently, Magento Commerce is an open source number number to create an online store. Not only is Magento a free program, it also offers the necessary means for processing credit cards and security web standards. Another option is to use the OSCOMMMERCE software package, which, like Magento, is an open source, however, it is not so easy to use.

2. Read the requirements for hosting for each program before loading. Check the hosting website to make sure that your package and their servers offer the necessary attributes for normal operation.

3. Download the software of the basket from the website of the developer company.

four. Follow the instructions for installing the programs found in your uploaded files. Usually the installation includes registration in the client FTP Program and uploading the program files to your hosting provider. You can get registration information FTP at web-hosting. You will also most likely have to install the MySQL database on your web hosting that can help you in most cases.

5. Read the guide to use the program to find out how to add new products and establish processing information about credit cards among other “additions”.

6. Visit forums devoted to e -commerce to find out more about what certain programs offer and eliminate any issues related to this software.

7. Set your store using the Commerce Template template for your specific e -commerce site or seek help from a freelance designer of sites, for one of the resources offering freelancer services or develop a template based on a program that you use.