How to create natural beauty “

The dictator in matters of fashion was and is France. Almost every spring it gives the whole world detailed instructions not only how to dress and shoe, but also how to look beautiful and irresistible.

It is no secret that the “Higher Lake” in makeup is to make it practically inconspicuous. No one should understand whether the beauty has such long and thick eyelashes or she tinted them, a natural blush on her cheeks or is it high -quality velvet blush.

On a hot sunny day, lipstick is welcome not bright red, but natural tones, only slightly more saturated than the color of the lips. Perhaps the main role in the design of the lips is given shine. The contours of the lips are carefully drawn, but not with a dark pencil, as it was a few years ago, but with a pencil, the color of which is a little darker than lipstick.

Today go hand in hand in life, health and naturalness.  And this means that lipstick and foundation should be not only light, almost transparent, but also of excellent quality, thanks to which the skin of the face is possible, generously nourishes it with vitamins and oils.

Particular attention should be paid to blush. The secret of properly applying blush is to remember how your face flushed after running and quickly walking. Remember the album and at the right moment in this way, carefully impose blush.

Famous stylists have their own secrets of modern makeup. The basic principles of this technology must be adopted by every woman. For example, warm shades (beige, brown, pink) make the face softer, more feminine, but slightly increase age. Cold shades (blue, green) are very refreshing, however, they look somewhat aggressive.

Blush and lipstick should be applied after makeup is done. Terracotta and brick shades of lipstick are suitable for brown and orange shadows, and pink shades to greenish and gray shadows.

Stylish eye makeup can be made in shadows of the same color, but of different textures: under the eyebrow – mother -of -pearl, on a mobile eyelid – matte. Thus, you will emphasize the expressiveness of your gaze, beauty and mystery of the whole appearance.

Speaking of makeup, one should not forget about the hairstyle, which should also be as close as possible to natural and, preferably, with the minimum use of varnish. Although it is clear that this naturalness, only external visibility, requiring a minimum of half an hour of precious morning time and quality hair care products. Grooming, shine and natural beauty of hair will always be at the peak of fashion. Lovely women, do not forget to pamper your hair with masks for healing and stimulating hair. Moreover, you can use both effective recipes in the lines of famous cosmetic companies, and, using the gifts of summer, make masks and brew infusions of herbs.

Completes the image of a beautiful and stylish woman, of course, manicure. Well -groomed hands are a visiting card of a woman, and this is an axiom. After all, it is by hand that you can determine, first of all, how much a woman watches her appearance.  It is not necessary to cover the nails with bright, screaming varnish. Today, women are enough for women to care for nails and create real artistic masterpieces in the field of manicure.

And, of course, pedicure steps in the leg with manicure. Neat women’s legs with a professional pedicure, shod in elegant shoes or open sandals, will certainly decorate their mistress.

The breathing of the coming summer recalls the chic possibilities of using the gifts of summer for skin care, hair, nails, including an exquisite and light diet, consisting of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries that emphasize natural female beauty, add lightness, airiness and create an excellent mood.