How to find the best accommodation in Turkey

It’s impossible to find the universal best property in Turkey because everything depends on demands and financial features. Stay property developer is ready to offer you different variants in the most popular tourist cities of the state. Moreover, the company cooperates with other real estate agencies that’s why you could find what you really need.

What Is Possible To Buy

There are different types of real estate available on the market.

1. Apartments are available in residential complexes and come fully furnished with all necessary technique.

2. Penthouse apartments are two-stage units located on the top floors of buildings, often in exclusive residential complexes. Many penthouses have swimming pools or spacious terraces on their roofs.

3. Duplex apartments are located on any floor except the top floor and do not have access to the roof.

4. Villas are standalone houses perfect for single families. They can have different objects for kids and adults on the territory.

5. Townhouse. It is something like a villa but it is located in the city but in the suburb

You can find property under construction and already built. Property under construction is cheaper but investor has some risks. According to the practice, investor can save about 40% while buying the property under construction in the very beginning.

How To Buy Real Estate In Turkey

There are three ways to buy a property in Turkey:

1. Independently. Investors can get data with prices and photos, and find out all the data about the object while using a special website. In this case, you don’t need to contact real estate agency. This way would be perfect if you know how to make a deal in compliance with Turkish law.

2. Via developer. Foreigners who are not going to buy real estate in the secondary market can directly contact the developer and buy ready-made housing or at the construction stage. Here is the feature of acquiring a completely new object in a modern area or complex. Many developers offer interest-free installments until the end of construction.

3. Via a real estate agency. Specialists help to choose an object according to the requirements and financial features of the investor. The duties of the agency include the selection and preliminary inspection of objects, customer support at all stages of the deal, and after-sales services if they are needed by the client.

Foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Antalya, Alanya, Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, and Marmaris. Real estate is easy to resell in these cities. Moreover, the price increases up to 80% per year. This guarantees a high investment income. If the cadastral value of the purchased property exceeds 400,000 euros, the investor receives Turkish citizenship.