In the struggle for square meters

Our apartments very rarely delight us with their area. As a rule, for us it always lacks it. You can only fight space with well -chosen furniture. One of these assistants can be a wardrobe for you. If you want to distinguish yourself with a saved apartment area, then you must get such an “assistant”

Modern wardrobes are made, given the principle of maximum filling of each centimeter of space, which is allocated for them. The advantages of this option for a cabinet have enough advantages.

-In any wardrobe, you will evaluate the volumetric internal area that will differ in capacity.

– A wardrobe can be enough mobile design.

– Sliding doors are very convenient during operation.

-The wardrobe is quite a functional type of furniture, characterized by practicality.

– The ability to make a cabinet for an individual project.

Outwardly and internally, the cabinet can be any. Filling with regiments by boxes and rods, you choose yourself, an experienced measurer will definitely reflect this in the project of your closet. A wide range presents materials for the manufacture of such cabinets. Sliding doors can be made of plastic, wood, glass, have a glossy or matte texture. A wide all of a useful function is also available – reflection. By the way, this function of the mirror will visually increase the area that the cabinet has actually saved for you.

All cabinets are installed by specialists. Some firms will offer even free delivery and installation. The cabinet installed by you will be accompanied by a guarantee.

Choosing a wardrobe for yourself, you not only add spaces for yourself, but also get a very functional piece of furniture.