Lego-bashn was erected in Budapest

The modern designer of the Lego brand is problematic to surprise anyone, especially children and their parents. From this children’s material, you can realize everything that only your soul can be realized. But schoolchildren from the city of Budapest were able to make almost impossible-they created the highest LEGO-Bashnya. The height of this structure is about 35 meters, which is fully consistent with the height of a ten -story residential building.

Around the world for a long period of time, an absentee competition continues to be conducted between the admirers of the LEGO designer. They compete among themselves in creating the highest tower on Earth based on the specified designer. In 2008, a record was set by a team from the city of Toronto, but already in 2013 it turned out to be completely beaten by designers from Delaware, also from the USA. But the last record could not stay on the pedestal of the championship. In the period of May-June of the months of this year, Hungarian schoolchildren successfully beat him.

Young Budapest residents, not without the help of adults, were able to build a tower whose height was more than 34 meters, which turned out to be 36 centimeters higher than the previous American structure. To achieve such an impressive result, I had to use a crane, as well as a specialized system with spacers, through which a huge thin design is held in a state of balance.

Huge assistance in this difficult business for young engineers was provided by local professor Erne Rubik, who is the author of the world-famous cube-cutter. It is noteworthy that this entertaining puzzle, which is forty years old this year, has become a real decoration, which will be located in the upper tower part. Even a cube was made from a lego designer.