Privatization of the apartment

You could not privatize your own apartment until today? But I would like to make high -quality repairs so much, and there is also the opportunity to buy a split system, but for your privatized apartment. Then our information will be extremely useful to you. How to privatize an apartment?

The process of privatization of the apartment is implemented on a free basis, but with a number of reservations. Each family member has the right to a free transfer of not more than 21 square meters, as well as an additional about 10 squares for all other family members. Speaking from a practical point of view, the family, which includes four people, has the right to privatize an apartment, the size of 94 square meters. In the presence of additional square meters that exceed the above size, each of them will have additional payment for privatization. In the case of the ownership of the apartment of a smaller area than for the whole family, there is the right to privatize other real estate, but such a right should be confirmed by checks remaining in the accounts.

That such a housing check? The housing check is a specialized privatization document that grants the right to their owner to receive a certain part of the property on a free basis. The total indicator of the cost of checks is credited to special deposit internal accounts, the funds from which are written off when privatizing an apartment or other real estate.

At the same time, there is real estate, the privatization of which is impossible-housing in the military towns of closed type, apartments-museums, national parks, regional landscape parks, historical and cultural reserves, as well as apartments that have emergency status. It is not possible to privatize apartments in the zones that are polluted after the Chernobyl accident.