Registration of kindergartens was simplified

Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers fully approved the initiatives received from the Ministry of Economic Development regarding the simplification of the general procedure for the transfer of real estate objects, which are actually owned by the state, in communal property. This is necessary in order to translate all preschool educational institutions into jurisdiction of utilities.

Experts note: the changes stipulated by the bill will contribute to the more intensive development of the entire preschool education in the country. Children will be able to get full and comprehensive preparation for subsequent schooling at school. This can be achieved by opening new institutions not only in new buildings, and in a special way prepared rooms. Among other things, the innovation will provide the possibility of exercising the right to work by parents.

The corresponding decision regarding the transfer of real estate objects is supposed to be transferred to the authorized bodies having the authority to manage public mission. The entire transfer will be carried out through preliminary coordination with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, the State Property Fund. All listed aspects are provided for by the bill. The transfer will be possible solely if real estate is not alienated. All objects should be used exclusively for their intended purpose.

The adoption of this important law will provide the possibility of the operational adoption of the necessary decisions to transfer all kindergartens from state ownership to communal. It was almost impossible to do this earlier, many preschool institutions were simply empty and were immense.