Regular and landscape style

For centuries, man sought to subordinate nature and establish his own laws in it, as a result there was a regular style. The features of this style were the concepts:

– formality;

– strict;

– regularity;

Trees and shrubs acquired the form of geometric bodies: squares, rhombuses and so on. Growing grass began to be replaced by exactly trimmed lawns. In almost everything, symmetry and clear forms are visible in everything.

The site corresponding to the regular style looks strict and solemn. A person’s hand visited such a site almost everywhere. Natural naturalness is pushed into the background. In its place comes artificial order and organization.

The regular style is characterized by the presence of sculptures, columns, arches, rectangular pools, fountains, cascades and so on. This style is very close to people who are more accustomed to symmetry than asymmetry.

I must say that regular style is not devoid of a number of shortcomings. Its absolute accuracy can easily destroy the attractive naturalness of the landscape, and make something ordinary and uninteresting out of it.

Today regular style is not as popular as before. The landscape style has come into fashion, which has maximum proximity to nature. He does not alienate the world around him and does not make the structure something special and distinguished from the surrounding world.

The landscape style was born in the East and gradually gained spread around the world.

China and Japan have always revered the natural beauty of nature. In their opinion, when creating a landscape, it is necessary to rely on the laws of nature. Only then can harmony and balance be obtained.

To design a site in a landscape style, much less material and physical costs are necessary. For this style, a special change in terrain is not required in order to build a cascade from waterfalls.