Repair of a wooden floor

With small injuries and to give the floor, you can repair the floor. You can do it yourself. But it is worth remembering that if the surface is badly damaged, then it is best to use the replacement of part or the entire gender. In order to check the condition of the floor, you need to view its underput. This option for checking the floor is the simplest. But if there is no underground, then you should disassemble the upper flooring and check the condition of the lag. If they rotted or broken, then it is best to change them with new.

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When examining the lag, you may need to remove the flooring from the boards, this must be done carefully. After all, later these boards will need to be laid back. At the same time, it is good to use a nail. They lift the board a little, pull out nails and then remove the board itself. At the same time, it is important not to confuse the location of the boards, so it will be easier to put them back and not adjust to each other. Experts recommend the boards from the very beginning. It may also be necessary to replace some boards with new. Thus, the boards and lags will be replaced by new ones, and it will be possible to close the floor again. When using old boards, you do not need to drive nails into the old holes. Then all the holes that remained from previous nails can be filled with glue or use chopic. It is best to use nails or screws for fastening boards. At the same time, nails should enter at an angle, but screws are better to arrange vertically. Between the floor boards and the wall, it is necessary to leave the space about 5-10 millimeters, later it will be closed with a skirting board. When the floor is restored, it is possible to grind it, cleansing and painting. You can also cover the floor with varnish, it allow you to protect the flooring from external influences and dirt. It is important to use a special lacquer for flooring.