Spacious cuisine

Everyone knows that the favorite place of all households is the kitchen. In this place, the whole life of the family proceeds: coffee in the morning, evening gatherings, and here you can simply sit alone with the newspaper. Not only furniture and a thoughtful interior, but also competent lighting make this room so convenient and significant. Light sources should be in every functional zone so that it is convenient to eat, cook food or read.

The total light that is located on the ceiling illuminates the entire kitchen completely. Such lighting should be bright and at the same time soft and more natural. Until recently, the concept of “common light” was understood as the presence of a lonely chandelier under the ceiling, but such minimalism has already become a thing of the past. Today, uniform lighting can be achieved using special ceiling lamps, their assortment is very large and everyone can choose the lamps to their liking.

Good lighting should be in the working area. In this place, properly located light is the key to quick and safe cooking. In this case, washing, stove and table to cook food need backlight. It is worth noting that the plate is usually illuminated with the help of light, which is equipped with an hood. A great option for lighting a table or washing will be an elongated lamp that is located under hinged cabinets.