Starts: Types and features of choice

The kitchen is probably one of the most visited places in any house. In it, people gather not only for eating, but often in order to just spend time and chat in a pleasant company. Therefore, the right choice of furniture for the kitchen plays an important role. Very often stools are used in the design of the kitchen interior. Their popularity is associated with ease of products, compactness, versatility and conciseness. Now furniture manufacturers are producing stools for the kitchen of various models and designs. They can be:

ordinary and traditional, without special excesses made of wood, metal or broken fabric;

Bar, who, with their unusual appearance, can complement the modern interior;

folding. Such stools today are considered the most compact option.

When choosing stools for the kitchen, first of all, you should focus on the overall design of the interior of the room. Depending on the style of the interior, they can be with carved or ordinary legs, have a square or round seat. Their size should be selected based on the footage of the kitchen, and in terms of color, shape and material they should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

Bar stools

When planning the repair of the kitchen, I always want to introduce something special and new to its interior. Therefore, very often recently in many modern interiors of the kitchen you can see bar stools that are located near the bar or kitchen table. They differ from ordinary stools. Such stools can differ in the material from which their seats and frame are made, design, texture, color, size and design. They can be classic, with high legs or spinning, have hard or hard seats. A wide range of color solutions makes it possible to choose bar stools for any kitchen.

Folding stools

Another type of popular kitchen furniture is folding stools that are in folded form. One of the main reasons for their demand can be called the assembly speed, which is very convenient before the arrival of a large number of guests. They are made most often from wood or plastic. Each of the materials has its own advantages. Plastic ones are convenient in leaving simplicity, differ in affordable price, small weights and a variety of color shades. The advantages of wooden folding stools include environmental friendliness, high strength and ease of repair.