Such different curtains

Simple fabrics will never go out of fashion, because they bring lightness and freshness to the room and are combined with any furniture. The cheap lining silk is quite simple, but it is worth decorating it with multi -layer guipure and curtains turn into a work of art.

It is worth paying attention to the roller curtains of Odessa, now there are a great many in the assortment, they differ both in the density of the material and in colors. Designers advise a couple to purchase air tulle, and give preference in roller curtains unusual large ornaments or bright colors.

Training, transparent fabrics play very well with light. The room filled with air atmosphere always pleases the eye. Typically, such curtains are preferred by residents of high floors. Imagine just how vastly the sky behind wide windows is not closed from gaze with a dense fabric!

Brocade or glossy fabrics for curtains are recommended for exclusive design. For example, for a bedroom in the style of “Empire”, or the living room decorated under a rich aristocratic world. Make sure that the upholstery of furniture and curtains are one pattern, and you will be guaranteed admiration for invited guests.

Recently, the multi -layer of the curtains has been popular when each layer of fabric is hung on a separate rail of the cornice. There may be from two or more. It all depends on your imagination in the selection of drawings, patterns, ornaments. Fabrics can be changed in places and then your room will never be the same and boring.

The novelty in design is the use of curtains instead of interior doors. Quite unusual these days, but in this way the interior of an apartment or house updated in this way looks very original.