Technical characteristics of Kramoplast 2000

Modern roofing material – Kramoplast 2000, which does not proceed, does not contain asbestos and has a stable color, has been produced in Russia since 2000. It is made of natural natural minerals in combination with high -tech synthetic components. In terms of resistance to blows, it can be compared with a metal roof, but unlike it is solidopular boilers, this material is not subject to corrosion. Poramoplast 2000 does not rattle during the rain and withstands large gusts of wind. Such noise insulation of the roof allows you to get rid of the room from street noise, even if the house is located near the airport, station or industrial facility. The technical characteristics of the 2000 keramoplast allow you to design and perform any types of roofs, since it is easily cut, bending and at the same time is quite durable.

Thanks to its aesthetic qualities, the roof of PVC has long preserves beauty. The material does not peel off, since before painting it is impregnated with a special bitumen impregnation.   The sheet includes bitumen, cellulose fibers, resins and mineral pigments, and minerals are used as a filler. This material is certified and has, in addition to a certificate of conformity, Russian hygienic conclusion. The fire safety declaration is also filled.

Main technical parameters:





2000 mm

± 5 mm


900 mm

± 5 mm

Complete thickness e

4.0 mm

± 0.5 mm

The height of the wave n

27 mm

± 2 mm

The weight

12.5 kg

± 0.3




Liszt Square

1.8 sq.m

Retail price

450 rub./sheet