The importance of applying the primer in finishing work

Many non -professionals during the construction of the house quite often neglect the primer, considering this process too long, costly and useless. In fact, the priming of walls, ceilings and floors is a very important thing, it depends on it the quality of the application of finishing materials and their long -term. The primer contributes to the better adhesion of two materials: putty and concrete, gypsum and concrete, wallpaper and putty, paints and putty, etc. D. In addition, the primer prevents the accumulation of moisture under the material, which also contributes to the durability of the decoration. If you are looking for the best conditions for entering the SRO, then you need to visit .

Professionals divide the primer into two types:

Ordinary primer

Primer is a primer

Primer – primer is used to cover the primary base, ordinary – improves adhesion between materials when performing finishing work.

Primer – primer is divided into: alkyd and mineral -based. It is very important that the primer is correctly selected, for example, if you choose the wrong primer, and apply to the tree, although it was intended for glass, when finishing the surface may arise difficulties with the clutch of the finish material with the wall, or after a short time the wallpaper will be peeled off, and the paint or paint or the paint or the paint or the paint or the paint The putty is cracked and wounded.