VDS server

Everyone certainly knows that renting a virtual server allows the owner to have wide opportunities. If you are not a professional in web administration, then the VDS control will provide you with the IPSManager panel, which can be installed completely free. You can manage the corresponding server without special knowledge about server software. On the VDS server, using this panel, you can create FTP accounts, boxes, hosting accounts, or start users and distribute a place.

Corresponding hosting allows us to calculate the entire traffic of users, as well as determine the number of employed places on the disks. During the installation of the panel on the server, the BIND, MySQL server with corresponding data for work, web server, interfaces, etc. will also be installed.D. Note that there are also individual solutions that help to install a version control system, as well as configure SIP. Professional specialists of our company will help to establish all the necessary programs, and also help to assist when moving to the VDS, solve all problems with installation, with non -standard problems. You can get all this, as well as various related services from us, simply by ordering a corresponding service in the technical support department.

We offer all this for small amounts, therefore it is very profitable to assist with us. Note that virtualization can be of different, namely complete and container. It is important not to confuse here and choose the right option. Our experts will help to navigate and install the right VDS server. You will receive the right Root, as well as unique SSH access. VDS will become an analogue of the physical server, but it costs much less.