What can be prepared in the microwave

Microwave, or simply microwave, has almost everyone in the kitchen. The microwave is most often used to defrost something or warm up the already finished dish. However, this is not limited to the possibilities of Mro-waves, you can also cook something tasty in it.


All that you will need to prepare chips in the microwave is a couple of potatoes, salt and spices to taste. Potatoes need to be cut into thin slices. The thinner the better. If you have a slicer, then it can perfectly cope with cutting thin slices. If not, then try to cut the thin slices of potatoes yourself.

Then slices should be put on parchment (special baking paper). If you want, you can salt or add spices. Microwave power-700W, preparation time-3-5 minutes, depending on the microwave. When slices become slightly brown, take out chips from the stove and transfer to paper towels. It’s too early to get chips too, otherwise they will not crunch. And then what are the chips?! In this way, you can bake as many potatoes and treat all lovers of potato chips.

Biscuit from the microwave

For preparation, you will need: 1 egg, 5 tbsp. l. flour, 4 st.l. sugar, 20 g of butter, 10 g of bitter chocolate, 3 tbsp. l. Cocoa powder, 1 h.l. Vanilina, 0, 5 hours.l. baking powder dough, sugar powder.

Beat the egg with sugar to white, add softened oil, flour, melted chocolate, vanillin and baking powder to the resulting mixture. The dough will turn out for a long time thick, but at the same time it is good to pour out. Pour the dough into a special form for the microwave and put in the oven. To prepare the dish, use automatic defrosting of vegetables. Cooking time – 6 minutes. The dough rises very quickly. After cooking, sprinkle the biscuit sugar. Pleasant tea party!

Do not forget that in many ways the process of cooking the dish depends on the dishes that you use. Dishes of glass, porcelain, faience, ceramics are suitable for a microwave oven. Metal dishes cannot be used in the microwave oven. It does not miss electromagnetic waves and even reflects them. In addition, there should not be gold or silver patterns on the dishes. During cooking, the paint that these patterns are painted can spark.I have dishes. It does not miss electromagnetic waves and even reflects them.Erture that in a lot of gloom after cooking, sprinkle the biscuit with powdered sugar. Offer chips.