What gives the use of PRP tubes during plasmolifting

Not only women, but men want to keep their youth. Nowadays, it has become much easier, there is no need to contact a plastic surgeon and sign up for surgery.

PRP-plasmolifting procedure will help to restore elasticity to the skin or strengthen the hair due to:

  • increased blood circulation;
  • repair of skin cells;
  • normalization and strengthening of metabolic processes in the body and skin.

The highlight of the procedure is the use of prp tubes, which contain sodium citrate and thixotropic gel. Thanks to these components, a high-quality product is obtained that does not cause allergies.

After a course of procedures, your face will look younger, as blood plasma causes the body to actively produce:

  • elastin and collagen – proteins of youth;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • activates the activity of stem cells;
  • fibroblasts that contribute to the restoration of the skin.

The positive effect of plasma is based on the content of a large number of enzymes, vitamins and hormones in it. They are native to your body, as all nutrients enter the body from your blood.

Complications, rejections, allergic and immune reactions are minimized, since the body does not detect foreign components due to their absence.

What gives the use of PRP tubes during plasmolifting

This method was invented by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Renat Akhmerov. Its essence lies in causing the recovery processes of the patient’s body at the expense of his own blood, or rather, its plasma.
The procedure is carried out using PRP tubes equipped with a vacuum system designed for safe and sterile blood collection from the patient and its high-quality treatment in a centrifuge.

Initially, the test tubes contain sodium citrate and thixotropic gel. The latter serves for the qualitative separation of blood with platelets from red blood cells and obtaining plasma, which will be injected into the patient’s body.

Thixotropic gel does not enter into chemical reactions with blood components, it does not contribute to changing the chemical or physical properties of plasma, because it is neutral. The separation process is carried out in a centrifuge, where a test tube with blood is placed.

When applying to the clinic for the procedure of plasmolifting of a person, it should be remembered that medical intervention should be carried out by a specialist who has the appropriate education and license for this type of activity.