What is needed and what functions does the RuAssets project have

Do you want to protect your own business from legal sanctions and financial losses? Want to keep a good reputation?

Information about the YouControl Academy on https://ruassets.com/ will definitely come in handy. The service will eliminate all sorts of unpleasant surprises related to cooperation with companies from Belarus and Russia that have fallen under sanctions.

Information about the RuAssets project

This is a modern international tool that was developed to check links with organizations on the CIS sanctions lists. The level of communication at the same time reaches the third and fourth points.

With the help of the project, it is possible to find assets from Belarus and Russia, check the connections of companies, and clarify whether they are on the sanctions lists. Previously, the service was used to simplify the work of compliance managers, but now it is aimed at eliminating the risk of the threat of cooperation with those enterprises that have a “Russian footprint”.

What functionality does the RuAssets project have?

There are several main features that customers of this service receive:

  • linkages between countries and individuals are scrutinized at various levels;
  • verification, both individual and international, will be as simple and prompt as possible;
  • the project quickly and easily detects links with individuals and PEPS who are included in the sanctions lists;
  • the service accurately identifies those military terrorists who are involved in military operations and the occupation of the territories of Ukraine;
  • in the near future the project will be supplemented with information about all kinds of real estate: from aircraft to land plots;
  • you will be able to track the main relationships between organizations through intermediaries, so you can determine the final individual or firm.

Thanks to these opportunities, the RuAssets project is extremely popular among the owners of their own business. The interface of the service is clear, so you can easily understand all its options.

What is the RuAssets service for

With it, you can solve several important tasks:

  • check individuals and companies in more than fifteen countries of the world;
  • conduct research on the “Russian trace” for companies from different parts of the world;
  • monitor the company’s contacts with firms and individuals that have been sanctioned.

Protect your business from all sorts of unpleasant surprises by using the proven RuAssets project!