What is the peculiarity of the installation of suspended ceilings?

The installation of suspended ceilings is a fairly simple, but very long procedure, which is why the homeowner before performing it must stock up on a large charge of patience, by the way about charges and power supply, now – to receive electrical safety, quite simple, convenient and inexpensive.To do this, follow – follow the link that I emphasized in this post.

I must say that the most important task of the consumer is the initial diagnostics of the ceiling and drawing up a full -fledged project of all future construction work.

The fact is that many old Soviet houses have a very complex and unusual design, which can have too high and uneven floors in its structure. The suspended ceiling of standard configuration is traditionally mounted on a special frame, which in turn requires for itself the presence of even and proportional angles. Of course, if any defects are detected, the consumer will need to carry out a partial reconstruction of the ceiling and eliminate all side defects. It is likely that they could arise due to old age of the building itself, which with age becomes vulnerable to various external influences. It is important to note that at present it is possible to give all the ceilings the necessary species using special reinforcing beams, which subsequently will be hidden from prying eyes under a suspended canopy.

As a rule, the assembly of the frame of the future ceiling does not take much time from the consumer. Here, in most cases, it is necessary to have only all components and fasteners that are provided in a set with the main reinforcing system. I must say that the bulk of construction experts currently advises their customers to purchase hanging ceilings from German manufacturers. The fact is that the configuration of this level has in its structure high -quality steel, which is not exposed to corrosion. Some domestic prototypes of construction products in most cases do not withstand one winter season.

Due to increased humidity, a sharp temperature difference, reinforcing frames begin to oxidize and rust, which leads to their further destruction. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that modern German models have attractive external panels in their design, which can be replaced in a simple way without dismantling adjacent floors. For lovers of original interior solutions, such sets will surely taste.