What to do if the husband spends all his free time at the computer

Unfortunately, modern men cannot imagine life without a computer. The Internet has long played the main role in their life. Sometimes the situation takes terrible turns. The spouses first regularly find out the relationship, and then completely stop talking. Often this can lead to divorce.

What to do if the husband spends all his free time at the computer

How to help your faithful get rid of this bad habit? We will talk about this in our article.

Causes of “freezing”

Methods to get rid of this bad habit exist. But before proceeding with the very solution to the problem, you should understand its reasons. So what are the reasons for the “hanging” men at the computer?

Misunderstanding from a woman. Often, a man lacks attention and respect from his faithful. Therefore, he is trying to find them in strangers, visiting various dating sites. Due to this, he tries to raise his self -esteem. This behavior on the part of a man also speaks of sexual problems. Perhaps the wife stopped glowing with former passion or simply refuses intimacy.

Game addiction. Worse, when a man loses all the money, indulging in gambling. This is perhaps already a real pathology. In this case, the problem will not be solved without the help of a specialist.

Children’s hobbies. Devoting all its time to games is characteristic of people with certain features of the psyche. Such men cannot refuse to satisfy their addictions and are looking for any methods to justify their “children’s pranks”.

Curiosity. A man wants to be in the center of events taking place in the world, try himself in various projects or find a solution to his material problems.

Sexual needs. A man wants to satisfy his sexual needs by regular visiting pornographic sites.

Dependence or not

This dependence on the computer is manifested in many ways. If your man goes to bed after midnight or does not lie down at all, this is the first signal to score anxiety. Joint family trips to the cinema or nature ceased to be interested in him, he stopped sitting down at the table with his family, monitoring his appearance and noticeably recovered? This is an occasion to think!

What to do if the husband spends all his free time at the computer

Unfortunately, the man himself will not understand that he is dependent if he does not begin to have health problems. For example, migraines, back pain, lower back and neck.

Perhaps friends and relatives will interest him less and less, because his computer is currently the only comrade.

The work will also cease to be in the spotlight, and he will react violently to your reproaches, complaining that you do not let him relax and relax.

What to do if the husband spends all his free time at the computer

Worse, when a beloved man becomes a regular visitor to pornographic sites. Such a person loses sexual interest in his wife, and their intimate life comes down to naught. Recognizing the addict on porn sites is quite easy. The spouse is constantly trying to go online when you are not nearby, sets all kinds of passwords to conceal his interest.

Unfortunately, many women prefer not to do anything, explaining this by the fact that “let it sit better at the computer, which changes or drinks with friends”. This approach is absolutely wrong. This problem requires immediate intervention, otherwise you risk losing your beloved.


To get started, decide on the cause. As you know, a man comes home to relax and relax, and then his wife with his lamentations about a lack of money and not clogged with a nail. Or maybe you are constantly annoyed and look bad? Change tactics. Meet him from work beautiful, smiling, without complaints and reproaches. Feed your husband, have dinner with him, listen to him. Perhaps the problem was precisely this.

Pay attention to what events he sits on the computer. Finding a connection, it will be much easier to solve the problem. Remember when it started. Ask why he cannot live without a computer. Perhaps he himself is waiting for this conversation.

Good luck!