Assault of the veranda to the house

Each of us, sometimes wants something new and interesting. A good option would be a veranda in your cottage, or in a country house. If anyone does not know, the veranda is an extension to the house that can be either open and closed. As a rule, the verandas serve as a hallway and are in the main facade. Such a hallway will especially delight you in the summer, you can rest in the fresh air, while being in the shade and calmly drink a cup of coffee.

Many do the veranda not as a separate room, but as part of the house. That is, everything will be done in the style of the main structure. The veranda should not be separate, it should become one with the house, it should fit.

Before starting to build a veranda, you need to deal with the foundation. Of course, when filling it, it is necessary to make the same depth as at the house. It is worth noting that immediately after the construction of the house you should not take on the veranda. Better to wait 2-3 years.

If you still decide to build a veranda, then it is better to do this in a way called “Ship-Paz”. It means that the veranda will be built from foam blocks, and then there is already a connection with the rest of the walls of the house. Of course, the foundations at the house and verandas have considerable differences, so there will be different shrinkage. So for this you should leave a little space between the house and the walls of the veranda. This is done to warn. At the end of the work, you can close this gap.

During the construction of the veranda, you will need vertical racks, outer sheathing, lower and upper strapping, windows and rafter roof. Usually, all strands and racks are made from a beam, in which the diameter is 12 cm. As a rule, the walls of the veranda are sheathed from the outside, where there is no insulation. If you want your veranda to be warm and not blown, then you can use the lining. The roof of the veranda must be attached to the roof of the house. Separately, the roof of the veranda is not built. Of course, the roof of the veranda must be made single -tocate and covered with the same material that at the main roof of the house. The attachment of the veranda to the house is a difficult matter and we must remember this.

It is worth paying attention to the sheathing and glazing of the veranda. Usually, most of the windows appear, and only the lower part closed. Of course, before making the veranda, you need to calculate all sizes and only then can you start work. Also, do not forget about the materials for the windows and then you need to decide about the rest of the wall section. There is one option, walls can be made asbestos -cement and then the painting is underway. Of course, the cracks will arise and to get rid of them, then they can be closed with wooden platbands. The floor of the veranda is usually made of wood and you need to make it below the floor of the house. And the slots of the floor of the veranda are closed with skirting boards.

If the extension of the veranda to the house is completed, then you can take up the interior. It all depends on your preferences and tastes. The main thing is to understand what you want. With this approach, you can drink tea on your new veranda for many years.