Attach the balcony to the room and get a unique room

Old apartments, which were built in the last century, do not differ in large area and therefore many owners decide to radically redo the room in order to get additional convenience and comfort. For this, the balcony is attached to the room, and this will be an original solution to increase living space. To combine the room and the balcony will have to turn to the masters, because the risk and savings in this process can even lead to disaster. It is necessary to make competent redevelopment, insulate, heat supply, etc. Only an experienced builder will be able to professionally carry out all the work with the designer.

It is better to start work with the parapet of the balcony. After that, the balcony can be glazed. It is necessary to replace ordinary window structures with PVC metal -plastic windows, install the window sill, tide and visors. After that, the balcony is sealing around the entire perimeter. Heating is an important stage in remaking the balcony. After all, initially this part of the room is not designed for heating and requires additional heating so that the quality and efficiency of the entire heating system does not occur at the same time.

After that, the balcony unit is dismantled, and a countertop is installed in the place of protrusion, if there is one, which will serve as a table for work or for rest. The floor is also installed: the beam is attached to the stove and the plywood is installed. A high-quality beam can be purchased at the Wooden Palace online store at the link /Process. It will be better if the floor is made with warm (electric). On top of this floor, you can lay a laminate or linoleum and fix everything with skirting boards. The master needs to entrust the installation of sockets and switches, as well as wiring electricity. The ceiling is sheathed at the end, and the walls are finished with any material. The balcony is ready, it remains only to design the interior and you can spend calm evenings here.