Culinary master classes in New York: a great time and a useful experience

Many people want to try their hand at culinary arts. It’s not just about cooking, but creating truly gourmet dishes in full accordance with the requirements of haute cuisine. To do this, it is proposed to take part in cooking classes in NY.

Main characteristics of the event

The New York culinary studio is located in lower Manhattan near two subway stations. There is also convenient parking next to the premises, so you can choose your travel method.

There are several offers for culinary arts classes, among which evening master classes stand out. They are characterized by the following conditions:

  1. A group of no more than 15 people is recruited.
  2. The cost to attend is $130 per person.
  3. Classes are held on Thursday and Sunday from 19-00 to 22-00.
  4. In addition to learning how to cook, participants are treated to a stylish dinner.

The range of offers includes 16 menus from different countries of the world. A schedule is posted on the website indicating the days of the master classes and what menu will be prepared.

To choose the most suitable option, visitors can view all menu cards with photographs of dishes and descriptions. Here you can reserve a participant’s place by clicking on the appropriate button.

Features and Benefits

Classes are conducted under the guidance of experienced chefs who know all the secrets of preparing dishes from the point of view of high culinary art. The process takes place under their leadership, but the listeners themselves are active participants.

One lesson will allow you to get an impression of the cooking process and understand your capabilities.

Through detailed explanations and hands-on activities, any participant can learn how to prepare specific food options and understand the approach to creating delicious, restaurant-quality food.

Experts will give recommendations and show techniques that will then be useful at home when you want to please yourself or surprise guests. By attending courses several times, preparing dishes from different menus, you can master the skills of a chef.

Cooking courses are not only about mastering knowledge and skills, enjoying delicious food, but also about interesting communication and making new acquaintances. Classes are held in an informal atmosphere, fun and relaxed, the memory of the evening remains for a long time with all its participants.

The studio offers other options for classes for two or a group of people, and there is the opportunity to spend time with children.