How to cover the roof

First of all, you need to know that absolutely all the roofs, divide into two types, pitched and flat. Raise roofs have a fairly large slope, and flat, it is usually not higher than 5 degrees.

Materials that need to be used for the roof are selected depending on its features. Flat roofs are mainly covered with polymeric materials, sometimes tiles are used. Recently, you can see the so -called “green roof” on flat roofs. With this method, a concrete overlap is poured on the roof, which is waterproofed, and then into a special substrate, plants are planted.

There are also traditional ways of roof covering. Straight roofs often lie ondulin, bitumen sheets or fiberglass. Such materials are very easy to mount, their large assortment is presented in any construction store. Ondulin, has another name “Euro -shifer”. Its convenience lies in the fact that you can not dismantle the previous coating, but carry out installation directly on the old roof. Such an updated roof will last more than twenty years.

Nulin has become a fairly popular variation. This material in its composition has a wood fiber, which is saturated with bitumen. Nulin can also serve more than twenty years, since it has a low degree of waterwork. This material is resistant to various atmospheric precipitation.

Traditional natural tiles is the most popular material for covering the pitched roof. Natural tiles have been invented for a very long time, but still could not come up with a material that could not lose their protective properties and serve for more than half a century.

In addition to everything, natural tiles perfectly absorbs noise, is not afraid of open fire and temperature changes. This material is inert to aggressive environments, and does not absorb moisture at all.