How to create the perfect lawn in the country

Ordinary lawns in the summer in the country are the most common type of green coating. If your plot is fertile land, but you can simply leve and seal the soil without replacing the soil.

How to create the perfect lawn in the country

The lawn, although it is easy to land, still requires compliance with certain rules. After all, in order for green grass to please you to the coldest, you will need to try.

Since the lawns are different, you will not be able to create a green area in your dacha once and for all. But in life there are small tricks that will help you facilitate the care of a beautiful, green grass. Modern people are accustomed to get the result quickly, so they do not want to wait for months until a place appears in the country where you can relax. If you belong to such impatient lovers of summer comfort, then purchase a ready -made roll lawn. It is enough to lay such a lawn on a flat prepared surface, compact and water every day for two weeks.

There are also sports lawns – these are wear -resistant turfs that can instantly recover. Specially bred varieties of stable harsh herbs are used for such lawns. Such a sports lawn is suitable for playing football, golf, playground or picnic zones. But keep in mind that you need to thoroughly prepare such a lawn. You must carry out drainage work, pour a thick layer of fertile land, roll it, and then only tightly plant special mixtures of herbs. But you can use such a lawn only for the third year after landing.

In the parks you can observe ceremonial or ground laws. But they are created only for the decorative effect, hence their name. But they are considered the pinnacle of lawn art, as they are difficult to create and care, and also require constant attention and control. Ideally, they are created from one or two types of herbs. To create such a beautiful lawn yourself, you will have to buy a mixture of “elite herbs”, start the soil on the site, repeatedly clean the territory of the lawn planting, and then constantly cut, focus, combine, water and fertilize. To plant such a lawn, you should be in the country for 6 months a year, or have a personal gardener. By the way, walking on such a lawn is not recommended at all. Therefore, think about whether you need it at all?

In the country, the meadow lawn will look best. In terms of herbs and appearance, such lawns are more adapted to natural meadows. One of the most beautiful lawns is the Moorish lawn. A mixture of plants such as cornflowers, poppies, chamomile, cloves, thyme, oregano look very good. The advantage of meadow lawns is not only in diversity and brightness, but also in the simplicity of care. Meadow lawn must be cut only at the end of the season. True, such lawns do not live long. Over time, cereals displace flowers, and such a lawn becomes ordinary and unremarkable.

Despite the variety of all the lawns, you can create them not everywhere. It is impossible to grow a lawn, for example, on a darkened area among fir trees and pines, on dry, acidic or wet soil. But in order to somehow green these inconspicuous and complex areas, you can use an alternative option. Plants are what you need to make your site with the completed. Landysh and Pakhisandra grow well along the walls and fences.

With a beautiful lawn, you can simply transform your summer cottage. But if you do not have the opportunity to constantly water and cut your lawn, then it is better to plant a red and white clover on the site.

How to create the perfect lawn in the country

This beautiful plant grows perfectly on sandy and clay soils, and also does not require frequent irrigation. Then green grass will delight you all summer and bring only joy.