Pottery studio number 1 in Los Angeles: interesting leisure and development of creative potential

Today, luxury, idleness and ready-made abundance have already become boring. In search of fresh impressions, people return to their roots – to manual labor and traditional crafts, natural ancient materials. Of course, clay and ceramics take pride of place on this list. Where can residents of modern Los Angeles, accustomed to a corresponding lifestyle, touch the joys of this type of creativity without unnecessary hassle? Of course, in a specialized studio. It’s called Pottery Studio 1.

For whom?

Pottery Workshop in LA welcomes those who have never touched clay before, as well as experienced amateurs (and even pros). Most of the audience are beginners who are getting acquainted with the art of ceramics for the first time and therefore need step-by-step lessons. But approximately 10% of visitors already come with experience. In any case, in the workshop you will find a comfortable creative space and everything you need to realize your creative potential.

The studio welcomes visitors from different age groups. Elderly, middle-aged people, young people, teenagers, and children starting from three years old will be able to have a good time, get fresh impressions and create souvenirs with their own hands.

It is possible to have an individual lesson, as well as a pair or group lesson – for a family, company, school class or work team. The maximum and minimum number of session participants and age restrictions depend on the selected event format.

Example formats

  1. For 3-5 years old – educational activity “Mommy and me”.
  2. Children’s master classes are designed for children aged 6-10 years.
  3. Family is 4-20 people from 4 years old.
  4. School excursion – 4-30 visitors aged 4+. The two-hour lesson includes some interesting facts from the history of ceramics, theoretical education and practice.
  5. A series of 4 or 8 lessons for a deeper mastery of the process.
  6. Free creativity. Once you have attended one workshop, the studio is open as a self-study workshop.
  7. Materials (up to two pounds of clay), equipment, but no one to guide you.
  8. Romantic date. See prices for decor and refreshments.
  9. Birthdays, holidays. The full range of options, duration and number of guests can also be found on the website.

Basic conditions

  1. A standard master class lasts 2 hours.
  2. Book through the website at a convenient window during studio opening hours.
  3. There are no additional fees other than the cost of the master class.
  4. During the lesson, 1-2 ceramic household items are created.
  5. Materials, tools, firing, optional (for extra charge) – coloring.
  6. Individual or group sessions.