Raiser Real Estate seizure group

On the territory of the capital of Ukraine, the raider group began to work, which is engaged in the seizure of real estate objects.

Among other things, members of this group engage in blackmailing representatives of construction companies, and in some cases they even prevent property rights to already fully built real estate objects. For this period of time, representatives of this group, as it were, represent the interests of several residents at once, who are in a nearby house and thereby intend to take a store from the builder, which is immediately between houses number 8 and 12 on Vishnyakovskaya Street. Representatives of this group regularly practice raider attacks and attract even judicial authorities, executive services for their commission.

Now representatives of this group are not limited only to blackmail and seizure of territories, but began a real information war with developers, so that later they later fully legalize their activities, which for this period of time is illegal. Unlawful intentions from the raiders are carried out under the cover of the ultra -stroke union. Several lawyers work for this company, who are allegedly representatives of certain residents of the house who want to completely demolish the store located between residential buildings. The representatives of the criminal group themselves do not hide the fact that they have at their disposal several dozen hot young guys who simply have nowhere to put their own energy. Instead of the store, the raiders want to build a completely green playground, but is it worth trusting those who do not observe the law and themselves?  – This question can be addressed to those residents of the house who decided to use the dubious services of no less dubious organization.