Several new streets appear

Over this year, seven streets were renamed in Dnepropetrovsk at once, such a need was due to the fact that the corresponding name was duplicated directly in the Leninsky district. The relevant information was provided by the correspondents of our resource in the Urban Planning and Architecture Enterprise. The accession was associated with the need to join the local Leninsky district of the new village under the name Taromskoye.

Such duplication with addresses was a slightly more significant confusion in connection with which a certain confusion arose with the registration of certain individuals at the place of their actual residence, as well as the subsequent receipt of data that did not correspond to reality. Among other things, confusion caused certain difficulties in the work of an ambulance, police and postal service.

In this way, several streets appeared in the city at once and even a whole area. It is possible that soon several additional new streets will appear in the city.