The importance of choosing a roof

Each person has his own idea of ​​the roof.

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What is a roof? The roof is the upper part of the building. And the building, in turn, is a ground part of the construction structure. Buildings are civilian, industrial, public, administrative and agricultural. Civil buildings are residential (these are housing, boarding houses, hotels, hostels). Administrative – offices, public – stations, museums, shopping centers. Industrial production, t.e. Factories and factories, utility, warehouse, energy buildings. Agricultural – these are greenhouses, livestock premises, for agricultural machinery, products storage, silo towers.

And every ground structure needs protection against external factors: snow, rain, solar radiation, wind, frost. And therefore, the choice of the type of roof in the building is very important.

There are several types of roofs: flat, attic (single -sloping, gable). There is also conical, honeycomb, attic, hip roof.

During the construction of the house, the most costly part is the construction of the roof. It is important to choose the right roof project. After all, the durability and reliability of the house depends on the project. It is known that the strength and reliability of the roof by 70% depends on the correct installation of the roofing system and 30% of the quality of the materials used. And it is very important to remember the well -known saying: “The stingy pays twice”. If you do not invest the necessary means during the construction of the roof, you can then spend more when repairing.