What are the advantages of iridium spark plugs

Iridia spark plugs are a worthy alternative to the spark plugs of platinum. These ignition candles were first represented by the manufacturer in 1994. And at the moment are competitors of platinum candles.

How does Irididius differ from platinum

Iridia is characterized by high corrosion resistance. And its melting temperature is much higher than platinum (2466 degrees c).

What are the advantages of iridium spark plugs

It is these main properties of Iridia that attract manufacturers. Iridium alloys have been used since the end of the 20th century to produce industrial igniters. They combine the best qualities of the element. It is quite problematic to work with iridium in its pure form, t. to. It has low electrical conductivity and high fragility.

Properties of iridium candles

Iridia alloy – excellent conductor. The electrodes made from it can have a small size of the tips, but at the same time the long service life of the candles remains. The electric charge is concentrated in the diameter of the tip, the voltage (low) is formed for the transition of the spark gap. Therefore, the engine works smoothly and acceleration occurs quickly.

Features of candles

Due to the high melting temperature, such candles are perfect for modern newest high-tech engines

Between the electrodes, the exact and constant distance is always provided. This prevents the loss of sparks

For a spark, it requires less voltage, t.to. The difference in potential is concentrated more in a smaller tip

With a nickel coating (trivalent), excellent anti -blocking, as well as anti -corrosion properties are created

Significant fuel efficiency and acceleration are inherent in candles

Advantages of candles from Irididia

These spark plugs were developed to achieve higher performance. But it happens that in certain conditions they give only a slight improvement. The advantages of these spark plugs are manifested over time:

The performance of the fuse is improved. This is achieved due to the fact that the area of ​​contact between the flame core and the electrode are reduced

The smoothness of idle. It is obtained due to low voltage demand and sufficiently high ignorance

Engine performance improves at 8 percent compared to the candles of standard

Fuel consumption also decreases up to 7 percent

The toxicity of the exhaust is reduced

Soft start even in very frosty weather

Low ignition voltage throughout the entire period of use

Improved ignition control

Iridium candles have their small flaws. The first is their fairly high cost. But the long service life of candles, compared with standard candles, compensates for this largely.

Second – only minor improvements can be observed. It depends on the brand of the car. If the machine has a small engine, then their use will not be justified enough.

What are the advantages of iridium spark plugs

Iridium candles are designed to use up to 160,000 kilometers. But car manufacturers strongly recommend replacing candles much more often.

The term of use of the spark plugs and their performance may decrease due to very frequent inclusion, any internal malfunctions in the engine and the degree of pollution.

Exchangeed candles from iridium alloy can have a different configuration of electrodes from the sources. But the diameter of the thread, length and step should certainly coincide.

Candles from iridium are characterized by quite high durability and efficiency. Therefore, having replaced the traditional candles by Iridiev, you can extend the service life of your favorite car significantly.