Varieties of special equipment

2.Construction special equipment.

The technique of this kind is used in any construction, as well as in the performance of road transport work. This kind of technique is widely used. Asphalt, manipulators, bulldozers, auto guards and others are very popular. No construction, especially large scale, can do without such technology.

3.Agricultural special equipment.

The technique of this kind includes all kinds of machines, the direct purpose of which is sowing and the subsequent harvesting. This can include thresher, tractors, mowing, milk jigs and milking devices and others.


A specialized auxiliary technique is always used in any of the areas of medicine. The aforementioned include reanimobiles, ambulances, strollers and all kinds of lifting devices of auxiliary direction. For example, a special X -ray apparatus is required for fluography, and complex systems of special equipment are required to carry out blood transfusion.

Among the most popular varieties of specialized special equipment, subspecies such as: